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On September 21, 1999, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings released its 30th album by Ella Jenkins. Ella Jenkins and a Union of Friends Pulling Together communicates the importance of collaborative effort. “For this recording, I wanted the music to reflect the experience of working together and making something together” said Jenkins. She conveys ideas of unity and cooperation in a manner accessible to preschool, kindergarten, and primary school children.

Along with a group of young and older musical friends, Jenkins performs original compositions including The Union Team as well as songs written by union activists Pete Seeger (If I Had a Hammer) and Woody Guthrie (Union Maid). Songs, recitation, and poetry are backed by lively instrumentation—harmonica, piano, percussion, banjo, and guitar.

Ella Jenkins and a Union of Friends Pulling Together (SFW 45046) contains 27 songs and runs 47 minutes. It was recorded in 1999 and is available on CD, cassette, and LP. The recording is accompanied by a booklet containing notes, lyrics, and discography. Suitable for children ages 4-12 and their parents.

A remarkable educator and entertainer, Ella Jenkins released her first LP on Folkways Records in 1957 and has inspired generations with her music for over 40 years. A legendary figure in children’s music, she has appeared with Mr. Rogers and Barney and received dozens of awards including the 1999 ASCAP Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award. At age 75, Jenkins travels constantly giving seminars, workshops, and concerts.

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