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Here's what critics say about Ella Jenkins...

"For Jenkins, what's essential is to help children find their natural rhythms."
--Entertainment Weekly

"You hear the fits and starts of hesitant children... then growing confident, until they sing without self-consciousness."
--Entertainment Weekly

"... imaginatively conceived and conveys a feeling of spontaneity."
--Children 's Record Critique

"Ms. Jenkins has a marvelous speaking voice; when reading rhymes or giving directions, she speaks to the children, not down to them."
--Nancy Cooper, Music Educator

"Her creations sound as if they spring from the very earth."
--American Record Guide

"... captures the infectious spirit of the incomparable Ella."
--The Instructor

"Will surely delight the young."
--Film News

"Children like Jenkins because she enunciates clearly and uses words they understand."
--Entertainment Weekly

"With decades of recordings and concerts under her ukulele, Jenkins attracts yet another generation of youngsters to her age-old repertoire in this intimate performance video."

"The simple but irresistible songs, poems, and mini-language lessons... reflect the beauty and diversity of diverse cultures."

"Parents will be amazed... by the songs they grew up with."
--Entertainment Weekly

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