We Are America’s Children
1. We Are America’s Children
2A. Happy Birthday Dear America
2B. In 1776
3. I Woke Up This Morning
4A. We Are Native American Tribes
4B. Sheenasha
5. Black Children Was Born
6A. Steal Away
6B. I’m On My Way
7. This Land Is Your Land
8. Ol’ Texas
9. Down In New Orleans
10. Blues
11. Come Here
12.We Are Jolly Sailors
13. Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
14.We Are America’s Children
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Songs, Rhythms & Chants For The Dance
1. A New Day’s Coming Soon
2. I Don’t Care Where You Bury My Body
3. Plenty Good Room
4. Brother John Sellers
5. A Bad Man From The Badlands
6. Angry Words
7. I Heard Him Cry This Morning
8. Please Hurry Home
9. That’s The Way Things Are
10. What’s The Matter With The Team?
11. A Vivo A Vavo
12. Hey Moo Ma Moo Ma Moo Ma Hey
13. I Climbed A Mountain
14. Africa Llamando (Africa Calling)
15. Yemayah, God Of The Sea
16 This Is An Afro Mood (Instrumental)
17. Yemayah, God Of The Sea (Instrumental)
18. This Is An Afro Mood (Instrumental)
19. Let Yourseh Go
20. A Long Time
21. Wading In The Water

22. Ann Barzel
23. Jimmy Payne
24. Lenore Lutheran
25. Gina Martin
26. Genieve Fox
27. Dudley Williams
28. Ann Lehnhoff
29. Ruth Page
30. Lorenzo Young
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A Long Time Coming
1. The Wilderness
2. I’m Gonna Tell God All My Troubles
3. Heaven
4. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
5. Tol’ My Captain
6. I’m Gonna Ride This Train
7. Jimbo
8. Another Man Done Gone
9. Soft Pedal Blues
10. Po’ Man’s Blues
11. A Friendly Loan
12. How High’s The Water
13. An Old Lady And Her Horse
14. If You Ever Get Down
15. Freedom’s Coming Mighty Soon
16. A Long Time 
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African-American Folk Rhythms
1. Wade In The Water
2. Did You Feed My Cow?
3. Up And Down This Road
4. Who All Is Here?
5 That’s All Right Julie
6. No More Auction Block
7. Who’s Gonna Be Your Man?
8. Cotton-Eyed Joe
9. Hammer Song
10. Racing With The Sun
11. Run And Help Us Tell
12. This Is The Way I Pray
13. All Over This World
14. Rockin’ Jerusalem
15. You Better Mind
16. Get Away Jordan
17. Old Time Religion I
18. Old Time Religion II
19. Old Time Religion III
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SFW 45067
Ella Jenkins: A Life of Song
1. Pick a Bale of Cotton
2. One Two Three O'Leary
3. Calling a Square Dance
4. Black Royalty
5. Little Sally Walker
6. Cotton-Eyed Joe
7. I Want to Be Ready
8. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
9. Sing Low, Sweet Chariot
10. Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham
11. Standing in the Need of Prayer
12. Amazing Grace
13. Somebody's Talking About Freedom
14. Sadie Complete
15. Uncle Flood and the Blues
16. Milk Cow Blues
17. Summertime
18. The Cuckoo
19. The Farmer in the Dell
20. This Is Your Year, Children
21. I'm On My Way to Canaan Land
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