Rhythms Of Childhood
1. Pretty Trees Around The World
2. The Cedar Trees
3. The Cuckoo
4. Wake Up, Little Sparrow
5. Maid Of Japan
6A. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
6B. Michael Row Your Boat Ashore
6C. Canoe Song
7A. Skip To My Lou
7B. Red River Valley Dancing Theme
7C. Reel
8. Banjo Medley
9. All Will Be Dancing
10. African Impressions (Part 1)
11. African Impressions (Part 2)
11A. Kum-ba-ya
11B. O Reign O
11C. En-komo-zee-gah-ba-ba
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This A Way, That A Way
1. This-A-Way, That-A-Way
2. Miss Mary Mack (Penn. Version)
3. I Like The Way That They Stack The Hay
4. Do You Know Your County?
5. I Know A Tom
6. Miss Sue
7. Please Is A Pleasant Expression
8. The Cuckoo Bird
9. The Jolly Bus Line
10. I Love To Ride
11. Goin’ To Kentucky
12. Turkey In The Straw
13. Sing Me A Song Again, Ella
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Songs And Rhythms From Near And Far
1. The World Is Big, The World Is Small
2. A Little Town In Switzerland
3. Canadian Friendship
4. Land Of Canada
5. I’m Going To Sea Now
6. Dance Tunes Of Many Lands
7. Yerakina
8. Greek Shepherd Song
9. Old Italian Tune
10. I Am A Funny Little Dutch Girl
11. Way Down Yonder By The Apple Tree
12. Buckeye Jim
13. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
14. Did You Feed My Cow?
15. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
16. Let My People Go
17. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
18. The World Is Big, The World Is Small
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Ella Jenkins And A Union Of Friends
1. Miss Sue Just Joined The Union
2. Family Reunion/Skip To My Lou
3. Mabel, Mabel, Mabel
4. Union Train/train’s A Comin’
5. Hallelujah, We Are Traveling
6. Keep Your Hands On The Plow
7. The Farmer Feeds Us All (The Farmer Is The Man)
8. Let My People Go
9. Going Down That Road Feeling Bad
10. In Unity There Is Strength/stickin’ To The Union (Union Maid)
11. What’s Your Trade?
12. Hammer, Hammer, Hammer
13. A Singer Of Folk Songs
14. If I Had A Hammer (Pete Seeger)
15. Union Meeting
16. Speak Right Up
17. The Picket Line
18. Step By Step
19. Making Music Together
20. One Meat Ball (Josh White, Jr.)
21. The More We Work Together
22. The Union Team
23. Which Side Are You On?
24. Sticking To The Union (Union Maid)
25. Solidarity Forever
26. Circle Of Friends
27. Sticking To The Union (Union Maid)
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