We Are America’s Children
1. We Are America’s Children
2A. Happy Birthday Dear America
2B. In 1776
3. I Woke Up This Morning
4A. We Are Native American Tribes
4B. Sheenasha
5. Black Children Was Born
6A. Steal Away
6B. I’m On My Way
7. This Land Is Your Land
8. Ol’ Texas
9. Down In New Orleans
10. Blues
11. Come Here
12.We Are Jolly Sailors
13. Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
14.We Are America’s Children
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You'll Sing A Song And I'll Sing A Song
1. You’ll Sing A Song And I’ll Sing A Song
2. Shabot Shalom
3. Cadima
4. This Train
5. Did You Feed My Cow?
6. Miss Mary Mack
7. May-ree Mack
8. You’ll Sing A Song And I’ll Sing A Song (Review)
9. Dulce Dulce
10. May-ree Mack (Review)
11. Maori Indian Battle Chant
12. Did You Feed My Cow? (Review)
13. I Saw
14. Sifting In The Sand
15. Guide Me
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Early, Early Childhood Songs
1. Mary Had A Little Lamb
2. The Farmer In The Dell
3. Skip To My Lou
4. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
5. London Bridge
6. This Old Man
7. Pop Goes The Weasel
8. Ella And Children In An Impromptu Session
9. London Bridge
10. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
11. ABC’s
12. Ba-ba Blacksheep
13. The Farmer In The Dell
14. Pop Goes The Weasel
15. This Old Man
16. Skip To My Lou
17. Mary Had A Little Lamb
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Little Johnny Brown

1. Little Johnny Brown
2. Head And Shoulder
3. What’s Your Name?
4. Miss Mary Mack
5. Hammer, Hammer Hammer
6. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
7. The Children’s Librarian
8. Freedom Train
9. Be Ready When Your Freedom Comes
10. Shee-nasha
11. Mexican Hand Clapping
12. La Raspa
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Travelling With Ella
1. Greetings In Many Languages
2. Hukilau
3. Blow The Balloon
4. A Yodeling Song
5. In Australia
6. Bulbe (Potatoes)
7. As The Rabbi
8. Rabbi Teaches Abcs
9. The Rabbi Elimelech
10. Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca
11. Que Bonita Bandera
12. Jazz Music
13. They All Axed For You
14. Hevenu Shalom A’leychum / Ya-ah-seh Shalom
15. Arabic Mood / Thank You In Several Languages
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This A Way, That A Way

1. This-A-Way, That-A-Way
2. Miss Mary Mack (Penn. Version)
3. I Like The Way That They Stack The Hay
4. Do You Know Your County?
5. I Know A Tom
6. Miss Sue
7. Please Is A Pleasant Expression
8. The Cuckoo Bird
9. The Jolly Bus Line
10. I Love To Ride
11. Goin’ To Kentucky
12. Turkey In The Straw
13. Sing Me A Song Again, Ella
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Growing Up With Ella
1. A Neighborhood Is A Friendly Place
2. Greeting And Farewell Song
3. Names
4. I Got A Job
5. I’m Changing
6. Big Blgger Biggest
7. Big Bigger Blggest (II)
8. Ten Green Bottles
9. Farmer Brown Had Ten Green Apples
10. Show Me
11. I Wonder Who’s Outside My Door
12. Barnacle Bill The Sailor
13. A Sailor Went To Sea
14. A Sea Shell Poem From My Grandpa
15. Little Orphan Annie
16. Inside And Outside
17. Hickory Dickory Dock
18. I Think Mice Are Rather Nice
19. Shake Hands With Friends 
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1. Mambo
2. On Safari
3. Counting In Swahili
4. Pole Pole
5. Yemayah
6. It’s A Holiday
7. I Looked Into The Mirror
8. Annie, My Cooking Friend
9. Barreling On Down The Highway
10. Seasons
11. A Train’s A-coming
12. The Hi Dee Ho Man (I Know A Man)
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My Street Begins At My House
1. My Street Begins At My House
2. Let’s Build A Street
3. Once There Was A King
4. It’s Raining Cats And Dogs
5. Rain Rain Go Away
6. What Flies
7. If I Were An Animal
8. My Street Begins At My House
9. The World Of Whickum-Whackum 
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Come Dance By The Ocean
1. Come Dance By The Ocean
2. On A Holiday
3. A Winter Plane Ride
4. Chicago, It’s The People
5. My Papa Is A Paparazzo
6. Easy As ABC
7. Numbers And Alphabets
8. A Mouse Went A-Courting
9. Yes And No
10. Harmonica Reminder (Yes And No)
11. Mon Petit
12. Differences
13. A Solution To Pollution (Introduction To Environmental Concerns)
14. Clean Up Week
15. A Big Pig Sty
16. Bye Bye Sea Birds
17. A Rock Hopper Penguin
18. A Humpback Whale
19. Clean Pond Crossing
20. Environment Game
21. Little Charlie Just Off The Pickle Boat
22. Let’s Not Waste The Food We Eat
23. You Can’t Sink A Rainbow (A Tribute To Greenpeace)
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Seasons For Singing

1. On A Holiday
2. Carry Me Ackee
3. Tee-kah-nees
4. You Look So Sweet
5. This Train
6. Freight Train Blues
7. Go, Aquanetta, Go
8. Lord, Lord, Lord
9. All Night, All Day
10. Don’t You Do Me Wrong
11. Blue Walking
12. I Like Animals
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Play Your Instruments And Make A Pretty Sound

1. Play Your Instruments And Make A Pretty Sound
2. Put Your Instruments Away
3. Follow The Leader
4. Let’s Listen To The Band
5. This Is The Way To Lead The Band
6. Harmonica Happiness
7. No More Pie
8. You’ll Sing A Song And I’ll Sing A Song
9. You’ll Sing A Song And I’ll Sing A Song (Continued)
10. Stop And Go
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Songs And Rhythms From Near And Far

1. The World Is Big, The World Is Small
2. A Little Town In Switzerland
3. Canadian Friendship
4. Land Of Canada
5. I’m Going To Sea Now
6. Dance Tunes Of Many Lands
7. Yerakina
8. Greek Shepherd Song
9. Old Italian Tune
10. I Am A Funny Little Dutch Girl
11. Way Down Yonder By The Apple Tree
12. Buckeye Jim
13. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
14. Did You Feed My Cow?
15. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
16. Let My People Go
17. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
18. The World Is Big, The World Is Small  
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Songs Children Love To Sing

1. This-A-Way, That-A-Way
2. Miss Mary Mack
3. Toom-bah-ee-lero
4. Little Charlie Just Off The Pickle Boat
5. Follow The Leader
6. Please Is A Pleasant Expression
7. Many Pretty Trees All Around The World
8. Muffin Man
9. This Old Man
10. Dulcet, Dulce
11. Ten Green Bottles
12. On A Holiday
13. Harmonica For Hanukkah
14. Stop And Go/language Lesson
15. The World Is Big, The World Is Small
16. Tu Cantoras, Yo Cantore
17. The Wilderness 
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Ella Jenkins And A Union Of Friends

1. Miss Sue Just Joined The Union
2. Family Reunion/Skip To My Lou
3. Mabel, Mabel, Mabel
4. Union Train/train’s A Comin’
5. Hallelujah, We Are Traveling
6. Keep Your Hands On The Plow
7. The Farmer Feeds Us All (The Farmer Is The Man)
8. Let My People Go
9. Going Down That Road Feeling Bad
10. In Unity There Is Strength/stickin’ To The Union (Union Maid)
11. What’s Your Trade?
12. Hammer, Hammer, Hammer
13. A Singer Of Folk Songs
14. If I Had A Hammer (Pete Seeger)
15. Union Meeting
16. Speak Right Up
17. The Picket Line
18. Step By Step
19. Making Music Together
20. One Meat Ball (Josh White, Jr.)
21. The More We Work Together
22. The Union Team
23. Which Side Are You On?
24. Sticking To The Union (Union Maid)
25. Solidarity Forever
26. Circle Of Friends
27. Sticking To The Union (Union Maid) 
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Multicultural Childrens' Songs

1. The World Is Big, The World Is Small
2. Hello
3. Greetings In Many Languages
4. Jambo
5. Tahboo
6. On Safari
7. Counting In Swahili
8. Mexican Handclapping Song
9. Dulce, Dulce
10. In Trinidad
11. Caney Mi Macaro
12. A Yodeling Song
13. Dredle, Dredle, Dredle
14. Rabbi Teaches Abcs/english Abc Song
15. Dance Tunes From Many Lands
16. Eh-un-lan-weh-seh-un-lan (Greeting In Arabic)
17. Balloon Song
18. Maori Chant
19. Play Your Instruments
20. May-ree Mack
21. We Are Native American Tribes
22. A Neighborhood Is A Friendly Place
23. Thank You In Many Languages 
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Holiday Times

1. Holiday Times
2. Night Before Christmas
3. Sang Claus Is Coming
4. It’s Christmas Time
5. Holiday Times
6. Jingle Bells
7. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
8. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
9. Gung Hay Fat Choy
10. Special Chinese Years
11. St. Patrick’s Day Jig
12. Danny Boy Jig
13. My Little Blue Dreidel
14. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel
15. Harmonica For Hanukkah
16. Kwanzaa Time
17. Here We Go Looby Loo
18. Little Gifts
19. Damper Song
20. Orest From The Forest
21. Red Monkey
22. Overtheriver
23. Harmonica Happiness
24. Winters I Used To Know
25. Dark Winter Day
26. Holiday Times
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