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SF45030 - Ella Jenkins: Call And Resonse
Call And Response:
Group Singing

(Smithsonian Folkways

Call and Response: Rhythmic Group Singing
SFW 45030
CD, Cs
October 1998

Ages 5-9

Jenkins explores rhythms of West African peoples on eight chants on this recording. Children accompany her on conga drums, wood blocks, and other instruments. Featured tracks include Moon Don’t Go and Toom-bah-ee-lero. The enclosed notes shed light on the techniques of “call and response” and “rhythmic group singing” in African music.

Originally issued in 1957

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SF45007 - Ella Jenkins: Adventures In Rhythm
Adventures In

(Smithsonian Folkways

Adventures in Rhythm
SFW 45007
CD, Cs, LP

Ages 6-11

An engaging progression of simple to complex rhythmic concepts with young students in Jenkins’s Rhythm Workshop. Appropriate for children with learning difficulties. Includes Caney Mi Macaro, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Hambone, and more.

Originally issued in 1959

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