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African American Folk Rhythms

(Smithsonian Folkways

African American Folk Rhythms
SFW 45003
CD, Cs
October 1998

This compilation of inspiring songs celebrates the musical heritage of African Americans. The recording features simple work songs, rhythmic chants, and inspiring spirituals. Featured tracks include All Over This World, Did You Feed My Cow?, and Wade in the Water. Liner notes include biographical information on Jenkins and facts about the Goodwill Spiritual Choir of Chicago, who sing with Jenkins on some tracks.

Originally issued in 1960

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Rhythms Of

(Smithsonian Folkways

Rhythms of Childhood
SFW 45008
CD, Cs, LP

Ages 2-9

Emphasizes rhythms found in nature, dance, and traditional African chants, using weals, guitar, banjo, baritone ukulele, harmonica, and drums. Includes Pretty Trees Around the World, The Cuckoo, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, All Will Be Dancing, and Kum Ba Ya.

Originally issued in 1963

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Songs And
Rhythms from
Near And Far

(Smithsonian Folkways

Songs and Rhythms from Near and Far
SFW 45033
CD, Cs
0ctober 1997

Ages 11

Traveling is the theme of this delightful recording.Through music, Ella Jenkins and her friends take us on a journey to many lands. They treat us to songs and dances and a variety of musical sounds and textures. Selected as Outstanding by Parent Council.

Previously issued in 1964 and 1992

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Rhythm And Game
Songs For The
Little Ones

(Smithsonian Folkways

Rhythm and Game Songs for the Little Ones
SFW 45027

Jenkins guides nursery school children through simple, engaging rhythm exercises, encouraging them to vary Iyrics, tunes, and activities. Playful songs include Hop, Skip, Jump to My Lou; Teddy Bear; and Jack and Jill.

Originally issued in 1964.

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Counting Games
And Rhythms For
The Little Ones

(Smithsonian Folkways

Counting Games and Rhythms for the Little Ones
SFW 45029
CD, Cs
October 1991

This collection exemplifies Ella Jenkins’s skill at teaching children basic concepts through songs and games. Memory, a sense of rhythm, coordination, and vocal expression are all exercised in the easy-to-follow, enjoyable activity songs. Classic counting songs include One Potato, Two Potato and One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.

Originally issued in 1964

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You'll Sing A Song
And I'll Sing
A Song

(Smithsonian Folkways

You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song
SFW 45010
CD, Cs, LP

Jenkins’s best-selling record has international songs that encourage singing and rhythmic participation. Recommended for early education by Teachers Magazine. Did You Feed My Cow?, This Train, Sifting in the Sand, Cadima, Shabbat Shalom, and others.

Originally issued in 1966

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Play Your
Instruments And
Make A
Pretty Sound

(Smithsonian Folkways

Play Your Instruments and Make a Pretty Sound
SFW 45018
CD, Cs, LP
January 1995

Jenkins encourages children to play rhythm instruments, whether provided by the teacher or homemade using directions included in liner notes. After she sings Put Your Instruments Away, a jazz band introduces the trombone, clarinet, drum, trumpet, etc. Ten songs include Follow the Leader, Let’s Listen to the Band, and Harmonica Happiness.

Originally issued in 1968

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A Long Time To

(Smithsonian Folkways

A Long Time to Freedom
SFW 45034

Adaptations of age-old African American traditions, songs sung on the long road toward freedom. Also features Jenkins singing with Brother John Sellers, Joseph Brewer, and Guy Guilbert. An album for adults as well as children.

Originally issued in 1969

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