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Live At The

(Smithsonian Folkways

Live at the Smithsonian
SFW 48001
VHS Video / DVD (shown)

Jenkins entertains with playful songs and stories. Fosters listening skills, concentration, and imagination while encouraging viewers to sing and dance. Splendid performances of Did You Feed My Cow?, Stop and Go, Shake Hands with Friends, and others. Winner of Parents’ Choice Award and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.

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For The Family
SFW 48002
VHS Video

This video, rated “Best of Genre” by the All-Music Guide, features Jenkins on harmonica, vocals, and guitar, teaching and entertaining her young audience, communicating one-on-one. Includes May-ree Mack, Freight Train Blues, and Tah-Boo.

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Ella At The Boroondara Kindergarten,
Melbourne, Australia

August 4th, 1995

Ella Jenkins travels all over the world and meets children from every kind of background imaginable. Yet children are "pretty consistent... they are enthusiastic, adventuresome, eager; they have very natural expressions," she says. "Children in most countries like chants... [and] children everywhere are fascinated by rhyme."

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This Is Rhythm
SFW 45028

Twelve songs that introduce basic rhythm instruments—wood and tone blocks, rhythm sticks, conga drums, maracas, and more—and teach youngsters to hear rhythms in everyday sounds. Includes Little Red Caboose, O Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?, Mexican Hand Clapping Song, and others.
See companion songbook below

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This Is Rhythm

(Smithsonian Folkways
BK 9-781661-322023)

This Is Rhythm (Illustrated Songbook)
BK 9-781881-322023

Lyrics and rhymes are vibrantly printed in varying shades of color to help children learn how loudly or softly to sing and play. Teaches that rhythm is a basic element of music, speech, and sounds worldwide and encourages active participation.

From Sing Out! Publications.
Paperback. 96 pages.

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Ella Jenkins - Holiday Times
Holiday Times
SFW 45041
CD, Cs
September 1996

Ages 5-11

An all-new recording featuring 26 songs, poems, and stories related to winter holidays. Jenkins and friends sing and play ukulele, harmonica, guitar, pipe organ, flute, and percussion for a festive multi-cultural holiday season.

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Songs Children
Love To Sing

(Smithsonian Folkways

Songs Children Love to Sing
SFW 45042
CD, Cs

An anthology of earlier recordings celebrating Jenkins’s 40 years of recording for Folkways Records and Smithsonian Folkways. Jenkins selected 17 songs that are especially popular with children from the hundreds she has recorded for Folkways since 1956.

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A Union Of Friends
Pulling Together

(Smithsonian Folkways

A Union of Friends Pulling Together
SFW 45046
CD, Cs, LP
September 1999

Jenkins and a group of young and older musical friends introduce children to the ideas of collaborative effort through all new songs, recitation, and poetry.This Grammy-nominated recording features harmonica, piano, percussion, banjo, guitar, vocals, and chorus. Songs include Union Meeting, Working Together, Solidarity Forever, and Union Train. Booklet contains Iyrics and discography.

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